Bee Nectar
Honey & Beekeeping Products Farsala


With love and dedication, our company "Bee Nectar" operates with the production and distribution of honey of excellent quality and taste, as well as with the distribution of various other beekeeping products that are worth trying.

It is a family business that has been active in the area since 2010, based in Vrysia, Farsalon, and its main goal is to offer every consumer unique quality honeys and various beekeeping products.

  Our love for bees, people and nature is the driving force behind our business.


With respect for the bee, man and nature, we transport the beehives to the plains and forests of central and solid Greece where, taking advantage of the blossoms, we collect the most flavorful and aromatic varieties of honey.

Thus, we produce and offer you honey from flowers, pine, oak, heather and comfrey in packages of 250gr, 500gr and 950gr.

At the same time, we collect and offer you pollen, while we produce royal jelly, safflower oil, propolis in sprays and tinctures, while the unique waxes and lipt ball are products that should not be missing from any home.

  Nature offers us rich materials
which we utilize with respect and care, creating products that combine natural beneficial properties with our love for the art of beekeeping.

of our products we faithfully follow all hygiene rules to ensure the high quality of all our products.

is to give all of you the opportunity to meet and try our products... and it is certain that you will love them.
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for any question related to our products or to place your order. Our products are shipped directly throughout Greece.