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Melissas Nektar | Honey & Beekeeping Products Farsala


Our company "Melissas Nektar" which is located in Vrysia Farsala, produces and offers you various types of honey. Their unique quality and distinct taste can bring a new dimension to your table.

Our honeys come from the precious nectar of flowers and our careful collection and production processes turn it into a real jewel of taste.

Every spoonful of honey we create is a journey into nature, full of aromas and a sense of the earth. It is not just a sweetener, but a richness of flavor that can explode the pleasure.

  Discover our products!
Indulge in the delightful sensations awakened by the taste of our honeys and get to know our love for beekeeping, nature and the authentic taste that comes from the heart of the Greek land.
  Flower Honey

Honey Bee Nectar is collected from the foothills of Kissavos with nectar from various flowers as well as from linden flowers which adds its own touch as the result is an aromatic honey with an excellent taste.

250gr, 500gr & 950gr 
  Pine Honey

Pine Honey Bee Nectar is collected from the forest of North Evia, it has a high nutritional value for stimulating and well-being of the body and is distinguished by its wonderful and unique taste.

250gr, 500gr & 950gr 
  Oak Honey

Oak Honey Bee Nectar is collected from mountain villages of Kalambaka which is dark in color with a thick texture without being particularly sweet but rich in antioxidant properties and contains high amounts of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

250gr, 500gr & 950gr 
  Koumaria Honey

Our organic honeysuckle honey is a type of honey produced by bees that collect nectar from the flowers of the honeysuckle. It is very rich in trace elements and vitamins and is one of the best options for stimulating the body. It is also known for its beneficial properties and its use in traditional medicine. 

250gr, 500gr & 950gr 
  Start your day
with a dose of energy and authentic taste, adding our honey to your breakfast. Enjoy it with croutons or bread, creating a tasty match that will take you on a journey. Add it to yogurt for a light and healthy option, or simply enjoy it plain, letting the purity of its taste conquer you.

are produced with special attention and stand out both for their high quality and for their unique and authentic taste, which makes.

to add sparkle to your diet, to give yourself moments of pleasure and to discover the rich and versatile flavor our honeys can offer.