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Melissas Nektar | Honey & Beekeeping Products Farsala


With respect for the bee, man and nature, our company "Melissas Nektar" which is located in Vrysia Farsala, produces and offers you a wide variety of honey derived products.

Each product we produce is a small masterpiece that combines the authentic taste of nature with beneficial effects for your well-being

  Discover our products!
  Pollen in a glass jar 250γρ

Bee Pollen Nectar is collected in our apiary, cleaned and frozen to preserve. It is considered one of nature's most nutritious foods as it contains most of the elements that humans need.
  Royal Jelly 10γρ

Bee Nectar royal jelly is produced and collected in our apiary in the traditional way. It is a creamy hypoacidic substance of very high nutritional value and one of its main characteristics is the strengthening of the immune system.
  Propolis in spray and paint

The healing properties of propolis have been known since ancient times, but in recent decades it has attracted intense research interest worldwide, as more than 300 scientific articles on propolis are published annually. In general, propolis appears to have activity against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, anti-inflammatory activity as well as a positive effect on various skin conditions.
  Healing Cream

Healing horn ointment is a product closely related to beekeeping and the beneficial properties of beehive products. It consists mainly of honey and royal jelly, combined with natural ingredients that have healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is used for the healing and recovery of the skin in cases of minor burns, cuts, abrasions, irritations and other skin problems. The natural properties of honey and royal jelly, such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, can contribute to faster skin regeneration and healing.

  Muscle Pain Ointment

Muscle pain ointment provides immediate relief. Frequent rubbing soothes the affected area (neck, knees, etc.), stimulating blood circulation.

Pains due to muscle spasms, usually caused by stress, poor posture, contact with cold or minor injuries in the area, can be effectively treated with the use of clove ointment.

  Body Cream

Nectar beeswax is prepared with natural beeswax and olive oil, where we can often add various oils or essential oils for specific use.

It is suitable for moisturizing chapped hands, face, body for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin and wound healing in the most natural way.

  Spathial Oil

The sword grass undoubtedly belongs among the treasures that nature has gifted us. With an abundance of beneficial properties, it offers many benefits to human health. The oil produced from its flowers in combination with olive oil has been used for thousands of years to treat many conditions.
  Lip Balm

With natural beeswax and cherry flavor. The Bee Nectar lip balm is made with the purest and most natural ingredients which are beeswax and olive oil in order to protect and deeply moisturize chapped lips.
  With dedication to the art of beekeeping
and sensitivity to nature's priceless gifts, we create products that reflect our love for nature and our desire to share it with you.

in maintaining our modular relationship with nature, while at the same time making a promise to provide high quality products that highlight the pure beauty and taste of nature.